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plugin_playlistgenerator_v1.0_for_allvideosreloaded Version:1.0
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Playlist Generator for AllVideos Reloaded

A neat plugin that provides an automated way to generate playlists using AllVideos Reloaded Playlist Manager.

  • AllVideos Reloaded must be installed first.  You can find the component install here:
  • Creates a drop-down list of music folders saved in /images/stories/audio/ in AllVideos Reloaded Manage Playlists section.
  • Drop-down list is alphabetized.Drop-down list only shows folders that do not have a playlist associated with it.
  • Playlists are created and saved as "foldername".xml.
  • Generated playlists are saved in /images/stories/videos/.
  • All special characters are allowed in the folder name, file names, and playlist name.

Installation Preparation:

Step 1.

Download the latest AllVideos Reloaded component from here and then install it.

Step 2.

Purchase and download the Playlist Generator plugin for AllVideos Reloaded and then install it.

Step 3.

Enable the plugin by going to Extensions -> Plugin Manager.


Step 4.

Then search for the plugin which is titled, " System - PlaylistGen" and click on the red circle with an "x".


Step 5.

The red circle with an "x" should now turn into a green check mark indicating that the plugin has been enabled.



Creating a Playlist:

Step 1.

Go to Components -> AllVideos Reloaded -> Manage Playlists.


Step 2.

Select from the drop down list in the Playlist Generator box the item in which you want the playlist to be created.


Step 3.

Click the Generate button.  You should then see the playlist appear in the Playlists box.


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