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mod_registeranywhere_j1.5_v2.0 Version:2.0
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Register Anywhere

A module to allow user registration on any page of your site.  Easily configured to 'hide' itself from users who are already registered.  Simple to set up, but with customizeable settings to allow the registration form to look and appear how you want it.


  • Module Class Suffix: Allows you to add a customizable suffix to the end of the module for easy styling.
  • Show to Guests Only: When set to yes, the module will be hidden when a user is already logged in. It's recommended to set 'Show Title' to No if this is enabled.
  • Introduction text to module: Can be used to show a title when module is displayed to 'Guests Only' along with a call-to-action to register, if desired. As a reminder, module titles are enclosed in 'h3' tags.

It couldn't be easier to allow your users to easily register for your website!


Size 3.11 KB
System Joomla 1.6
Downloads 807
Language English
License GNU/LGPL
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