CMS Tactics, Inc.. is a small web development firm who focuses on solutions our clients can update and maintain themselves.  With partnering experts in various technologies and business strategies we can take on any project utilizing any technology but our focus lies in custom WordPress and Joomla! solutions.  View a list of our custom CMS solutions on our WordPress profile and on our Joomla! profile.

Which CMS to Choose?

Which Content Management System (CMS) selected is based on preference or prior experience with an existing website utilizing either WordPress or Joomla!  What if you don't have a previous site or no experience with either CMS?  Well, that is where our expertise comes in and we assist you based on your project's scope and needs.  Whether it is a new website, revamping or making changes to an existing website, or new custom functionality required, we can help.

Why Choose CMS Tactics?

We will give your business a web presence with a functional website optimized for the major search engines, customizations to differentiate your business, and information on marketing your business so that your website is visited.  Some success stories are from a local CrossFit gym, a bartender agency, a local automotive repair shop and an indoor soccer facility to name a few.  View our portfolio for more information on the solutions supplied to our customers.

We ARE the Small Guys Bigger Firms Contract

Some of the bigger firms we have collaborated with or performed work for are: SourceCoast, Infinex Corp., InterDynamic Group, Silicon Coast, Fuelpipe, and Redbean Society, just to name a few.

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